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Salon 7 Sand Springs Hair Salon

Classy, cutting-edge, affordable, and fun....these are all words that describe what you will find at Salon 7. Come see our beautiful salon, meet our talented stylist, and enjoy our fun and relaxing atmospere. We hope to see you soon at our modern salon.  


Our Story

Why Salon 7?  We hear this question a lot. 7 is a number of excellence, good fortune, and great significance in my life. I opened this salon during my 7th year of marriage, after getting married on July 7 (which is also my birthday). I wanted to name the salon something simple, but still meaningful to myself and my family. Now you know how Salon 7 came to be. 

Our Vision

Our vision for Salon 7 is to provide a clean, classy, and fun environment for our clients. We want the salon they come to to offer the best ideas and styles out there. We also believe in protecting the health and integrity of the hair while not charging more than we would be willing to pay ourselves. At Salon 7 you get truly talented, experienced, and qualified stylist for extremely great prices.

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